It is an open secret that no business wants to spend more than they could on printing and even food (just saying)!

Not being wasteful is therefore not a choice many companies make, simply because they do not know what to do.

In this article we break down 5 tips for reducing commercial printing spends in Uganda  

  1. Use the right designer

The cost of any print job can be less or more depending on how colours and dimensions have been utilized/managed. Fortunately, these are both things that a good designer can always play around with.

An experienced designer ensures that multiple colours are not unnecessarily added to artworks and that the print copy dimensions used are appropriate.

It is advisable that when printing on paper, you use a designer that has experience with paper print design and not one whose core area of speciality is outdoor/billboards.


  1. Choose the right printer

Different printers charge different fees. Sometimes this is because their outputs are different but in some case, a printer might charge so much simply because they outsource most of the work thus incur high costs to deliver.

You have got to do proper diligence and compare prices of different printers with comparable deliverability before signing a contract.


  1. Use the right paper

Yes, just paper. Over 40 per cent of print costs is typically taken up by the purchase of paper materials.

You should get some knowledge of the different kinds of paper for your printing project before you can commit to using any.


  1. Print in bulk

Typically, the higher the number of copies of anything you print, the lower the unit cost (cost per copy).

Instead of printing 3 thousand calendars in October and  2 thousand more in January, consider printing all at once.


  1. Print multiple items at the same time

Supposing you have Calendars, Diaries, Books of account and more that you would like to print. Instead of printing one at a time, consider working on all at the same time in order to increase volume and get a better print deal.


  1. Use the same printer

This one is kind of a no-brainer.

Even if you decide to print multiple items at the same, if you give different pieces to different printing companies, you won’t be able to cut your costs in any way as doing this typically lowers the volume each vendor would be dealing with.


  1. Offer long term contracts

If you print regularly as is typical of financial institutions, and have identified Adventcity as a good printer, for example, one of the best ways to get a good deal (talking price) and consistency (in terms of quality) is by offering Adventcity a long term retainer contract for printing your materials.

By doing this you can be sure Adventcity will give you a huge discount and even better payment terms.


  1. Negotiate well

This is the last but most important; if you want to pay less, negotiate well. However, printers are found of lowering quality to fit the amount the client is willing to pay so be sure that your bargain does not lead to a compromise in quality.


Happy printing.


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